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Attention Former Factory Members

Updated on 10/08/2020

Hello former Factory members. We are excited to announce that your accounts have been brought over to Hangar 18 and we have officially integrated you into the Hangar 18 family. This took longer than we anticipated, and we appreciate your patience with us during this transition.

As the billing cycles between Hangar 18 and The Factory were on different days, we will be billing a prorated amount of the Hangar 18 membership dues on the 15th of this month to get you all caught up with our normal billing cycle. On October 15th, student memberships will be billed $22.71 and standard memberships will be billed $27.87. This charge will cover the remaining days in October. Beginning November 1st, members will be billed the normal monthly dues of $54 and student dues of $44 until a membership change request has been submitted online.

If you have already signed up for a membership at Hangar 18 don’t worry, you will not be billed again in October. Your Hangar 18 membership will remain as it currently stands. For those Factory members who do not wish to continue their membership or who wish to freeze their account, you may terminate or freeze your account for up to 6 months at no charge by visiting the membership changes page and completing either a termination or freeze request prior to October 15th. Thereafter, freeze or termination requests can be submitted at any point up to 5 days prior to the next billing cycle (the 1st of each month).

If you previously submitted a membership change request, we ask that you please submit a new one as we previously did not have the databases fully merged before now and were unable to process your request. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by emailing us or by submitting a message on this website.

We want to welcome you again to the Hangar 18 family, and are looking forward to climbing with you all very soon!

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