First Time Visitor

Whether you’re new to climbing or just new to Hangar 18 we’re here to make sure you have the best experience possible! The information below will help you understand more about what type of climbing would work best for you and how you can prepare for a day full of adventure.

Regardless of what type of climbing you choose to participate in climbing is an inherently dangerous sport so all first-time visitors must complete a Release of Liability Waiver and an Orientation Confirmation which are found below. Please complete these documents for all participants and spectators in your party prior to booking your Introductory Class.

1. Hangar 18 Release of Liability Waiver

The Release of Liability waiver will go over some of the risks associated with climbing at any Hangar 18 facility. Minors must have this document completed by their parent or court appointed legal guardian, no exceptions. Please read the document fully prior to signing. If you have any questions regarding this waiver please feel free to contact us.

2. Hangar 18 Orientation Confirmation

The Orientation Confirmation begins with a video which address the different types of climbing found throughout Hangar 18. The video must be viewed in its entirety prior to completing the Orientation Confirmation. Once the video is completed, the Orientation Confirmation will automatically appear to be completed and again minors must have this document completed by a parent or court appointed guardian, no exceptions. will Please note that not all types of climbing are available at each location. To view a list of which types of climbing are available at your selected location go to the location’s homepage.

3. Book an Intro Class

Now that you have completed your Waiver and Orientation you can book an Introductory Class below. Classes are booked on a first come first serve basis.

Intro to Bouldering Class

Our Intro to Bouldering Class is a great way to learn one of the more advanced disciplines of climbing, bouldering. Recommended for climbers looking to get into the more difficult and advanced aspects of climbing, this 30 minute class will teach you all of the basic skills needed to boulder at any of our facilities. Due to the nature of bouldering we recommend this only for ages 11 and up but do accept climbers 6 years or older. Once you have passed the class you will be bouldering certified at Hangar 18 and will be able to boulder at any of our facilities. The best part of all is that no previous experience is necessary!

Intro to Auto Belay Class

Our Intro to Auto Belay Class is a great way for individual climbers to get on the walls. Auto belays allow climbers to climb taller walls without the need for a belay partner, making them a great option for climbers of all ages. Our 20-minute class will go over everything you need to know about auto belays including putting on gear, clipping in, route reading, and proper descent technique. Once the class is finished, you will be ready to take on auto belay routes at any facility. The best part of all is that no previous experience is necessary!

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