Hangar 18 Riverside is the largest gym in the Hangar 18 family. Complete with a massive top rope and lead area, autobelays, a huge freestanding boulder with multiple top out areas, a dedicated yoga and fitness room, and a party room, it is the perfect place to come and enjoy a day of climbing with your family, friends, or party.


Square Feet of Climbing Terrain


Top-Rope Routes


Lead Climbing Routes


Dedicated Fitness Room, Party Room, Training Area…

Top-Rope Climbing

Perfect for climbers of almost any age and ability level. Bring a partner and we can show you all the basics needed to conquer your fears and get to the top of that wall.

Lead Climbing

Fantastic Routed for advanced climbers. Our facilities are a great way to learn or advance your sport climbing skills on a variety of angles and difficulties.

Auto Belays

Perfect for climbers flying solo, our auto belays give climbers the opportunity to reach new heights without the aid of a belay partner. Just clip in and climb on.


The best way to advance your climbing quickly is available at all Hangar 18 facilities. Bouldering is climbing without a rope over a padding system and will help you to advance your climbing to new levels.


Video Tour

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